As kids we all have a natural curiosity for how and why things work.  We ask a lot of questions and anything is possible until someone tells us its not . For me it was 15 years ago that I began to seek for answers to some of my bigger life questions.  Trying to figure out how and why things happen the way they did and how to fix them, since I was still convinced something was broken.  Going to school for my Holistic Healthcare and studying anything that had to do with spirituality and personal growth I could get my hands on.  Every modality gave me answers from their point of view.

Funny how much I even wanted psychics to give me answers but they didn’t ever do that for me.  My friends would go in and get straight answers and I would get vague possibilities.  Then when I unexpectedly became a psychic and a medium myself at 30 years old I thought then I would get some answers.  Only to have a spiritual team that would give me pictures and symbols that I would have to decipher myself.  So much for answers.

It is 15 years later that I am becoming aware that the guidance I have received was perfect for me because it often showed me that I still get to choose.  If someone, even my guides, had ever told me what to do I would have probably followed it blindly never asking questions or choosing for myself.  What would it take for you to choose for yourself?
It is here, in that space, that I offer some of my knowledge of the Tarot and a different way of possibly using it as a tool for changing things in life and relationships that aren’t fun anymore.  Something thats a little different is I will often ask a questions and give possible exercises from a wide variety of sources to use to transform places where energy is stuck.
It is my desire to remind you you are a powerful, magical, amazing being and you get to choose what works for you.  Would you be willing to take what can be a contribution to you and creating the life you truly desire and leave the rest?
Awesome, lets go on an adventure together!

With Gratitude for who you Be,

Venus Castleberg

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