6: The Lovers

As you may be able to guess the Lovers archetype is all about love and relationships.  There is a strong interest in and fascination with why some relationships work and why others don’t work. Depending on how one saw relationships as a child and then their experiences as an adult, can shape and even scar them.  However we always have a choice as to what we do with our experiences and what we make them mean about ourselves.

Would you be willing to receive the total gift of who you truly be?!

A teacher once told me that the heart was meant to break…its what you do with the pieces that counts.  To me the heart is a fragile thing because it is often connected to and dictated by the things we become attached to.  I think what my teacher meant was that things always change and if we are attached to wanting something to go a certain way then most likely we will be disappointed when it doesn’t.  Hence the heart will break.  At the same time we are invited to ask.. ‘how can we use heartache, disappointment and seemingly challenging times to our advantage?’  Or to wonder with amazement ‘whats right about this we are not getting?’.  Because I guarantee the universe is creating something wonderful, you may not even be aware of yet, with those pieces.

One challenge here could be to see that relationship turmoil and struggle really has to do with the relationship we have with ourselves. And isn’t it interesting how quickly one might lose a relatedness to oneself when entering into a relationship. First and foremost we must have love and maybe even a sense of gratitude for ourselves. And once we all find more harmony within, the drama of outer relationships could practically disappear.

The Lovers Tool for transformation

Ho’oponopono finding that which appears to be outside on the inside and saying ‘Im sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you’ until that energy changes


“What if the only resolution you made was to love yourself more?”      ~Louise Hay


Beyond Grateful,



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Image from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim Wheels says:

    Wow, life’s synchronicity & timing always amazes me… Thank you Venus! I continue to remind myself to live in question, and try to destroy & uncreate all the projections & conclusions my nice cute brain keeps creating. Because life sure isn’t turning out the way I predict it to!! 😉


    1. Lol
      Nothing ever looks the way we think it will 😉
      Youre amazing!m girl!


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