10: Wheel of Fortune

There is saying in this world that says ‘what comes up must go down and what is down must come up’.  This is the foundation of the wheel of fortune.  It is every spectrum of emotion.  It is the all the cycles of life rolled into one.  The invitation being to acknowledge all of it has a place.

To be a Wheel of Fortune archetype life may sometimes seem like a roller coaster ride or a dramatic pendulum swing from one emotion to the next.  I like to acknowledge that these people can often turn things around on a dime.  To be in total allowance is probably their biggest challenge because they will often feel as though something is wrong with them if they are not happy all the time.  What a kindness to themselves to get to a point where they see that all emotions are valid and have a season.  It is only in the total allowance that they will be able to find their true center and stop the dramatic mood swings.

Question for practicing kindness towards yourself:  What would be a kindness for me today?

And while 98% of all our thoughts feelings and emotions do not belong to any of us.  A more aware Wheel of Fortune archetype would be the one thinking it was almost always them or if they were less conscious they would more often be blaming others.  Remember there is always a pendulum swing of some sort here.
Great question to play with is asking for every thought, feeling and emotion that comes into your awareness:  Is this mine?  And say ‘return to sender’ for anything that is not.


Love yourself you are amazing!



Image from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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