11: Justice

Have you ever received a gift and you were like…ok thats interesting, is there a receipt? Can I trade it in for something I would actually like or maybe even use?

Now imagine getting the gift of becoming a psychic and a medium pretty much over night at the age of 30.  Are you f**king kidding me?  I don’t want it!  Take it back!  I’m not doing anything with this!  I will not be the crazy lady everyone talks about!  I’m NOT having it!!!

Well lets just say the universe had other plans.  There was no receipt, no trade in policy and they never did take it back.  Even with me resisting it for 3 years.

Now to be fair, at that time, I was toying with doing readings, developing my psychic abilities and doing Reiki trainings.  However the medium thing was not what I was asking for or looking for or wanting in ANY way.

Excerpt from Venus’ upcoming book “Here to Forever”


Fast forward 14 years…So here I am today where I came to realize that that gift I had been given from the universe all those years ago, I was still resisting and denying.  And even though I have admitted to some since then that I can see the spirit world, I would still build up barriers and walls to receiving anything from it.

The Justice tarot tells us all things will work out in a fair and just manner.  Although it most likely won’t look the way you think its going to.  It is not really about tit for tat.  However, all things do seem to come back around one way or another.  And the Universe IS always conspiring for us, never against us.

Sometimes its hard to get that the universe has our back.  Especially when things don’t seem to be going your way or the way you would prefer them to go.  Like the whole medium thing!

It is only in the surrendering to the knowledge all things are working out for your highest and greatest good you may find a deep sense of inner calm and trust.  What would it take for you to know and perhaps even expect that things were going to work out far better than you could even imagine rather than expecting something bad to happen?


Justice questions for transformation

1. How can I use this to my advantage?

2. Whats right about this Im not getting?

3. What can I be or do different here to have a completely different possibility show up?

4. What energy space and consciousness can I be to have all of this change with total ease?


Beyond Grateful for the Magic of You,




Image from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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