13: Death

Funny how peoples first reactions to the Death card is often to pull back, to worry, or to fear death of someone.  Usually the Death card does not mean the death of someone in particular but rather a death of a way of being.  Its like you’ve been going one direction or believed in something all your life up until now, only to be asked to choose something different.

Remember the Hanged man last week was asking us to Look at things from a different point of view.  And here we are with Death knocking at the door asking us to now Go in a different direction.

Death is never really the end anyway.  Becoming a medium all those years ago I discovered that the body dies however the being never dies.  It just takes on a different form.  They just become another way of being that seems more free and light anyway.  With that we are invited to see only that things are transforming into something else.  Like a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly.  One can focus on the supposed death of a caterpillar or enjoy the beauty of the butterfly.  Ultimately what you choose to see is always just a choice.

What else would be possible if we were willing to embrace change and welcome Death at our door with open arms knowing something amazing is about to happened rather than expecting to worst to happen?  I once saw a post that had a half a glass of water with an image of a dragon in the water.  It said… If one sees the glass half empty they are a pessimist.  If one sees the glass half full they are an optimist.  And if one sees a dragon image in the glass they are an Awesomist.  What if all possibilities are available to you and you get to choose what you see and who you desire to be?  Who would you like to choose to be today?  Would you be willing to live in a totally different way?


The Deaths questions for transformation

  1. To encourage things to change as ‘what can I be or do different here to have a completely different possibility show up with total ease?’
  2. What can I change that I have been refusing to change that if I did not refuse to change it would create a totally different reality to show up with total ease?


Have Courage, Be Brave, & Remember You Are Amazing!

Beyond Grateful,



Images from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you! Perfect timing again! lol. How exciting!! Love you and am so grateful for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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