Ace of Cups

When we introduced the cups into our lives there may very well have been an abundance of emotion this last week.  Did you feel a little overwhelmed?  Did you feel as though you couldn’t handle all that you were feeling?  Did you have an excessive amount of stuff to handle show up?  Did you experience a bunch of money suddenly coming in?

As we begin to navigate the waters of life with the suit of cups and weed through our relationships it may feel as though a flood is washing over you.  When there is that much energy flowing the key is allowing it to flow rather than trying to dam it up, contain it, or even control where it goes.  So when you feel like your drowning, stop take a few deep breaths check in….What do I need right now?  What would be the greatest contribution to me right now?  Sometimes the best way to be with a flood is to just get in your boat and ride it out.

Of course the Ace of Cups is that very same energy of abundance.  Abundance of love, money, life situations, emotions, choices, projects, etc.  The only reason we struggle is when we to try to control the current or start feeling like something is wrong and we need to do something about it. What if nothings wrong and there is nothing you need to do with it?  Just be and receive.

This week notice how much are you celebrating your successes?  Is there a balance between giving and receiving that could be instituted?  What would it take for you to call on your friends and rely on your friends more this week and give up the need to do it all yourself?

Love Yourself You Are Amazing!

Beyong Grateful,



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  1. Patricia Parret says:

    One of my numbers is “1” The Magician. I decided to look at all of the Aces just for fun a couple of days ago. :):):) Fun Stuff 🙂 Thanks 🙂



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