Two of Cups

In relationships its not uncommon to have two sides to every story.  To have two points of view, sometimes very different.  The Two of Cups is the blending of opposites.  The two halves coming together to create the third energy of we.  Sometimes that coming together can be forced and a little like trying to fit two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together out of hundreds of pieces.  Would you be willing to allow it to slide in together with total ease like Yin and Yang rather than trying to make something happen?

This may be a sign that a new partnership is on its way to you like a moth to a flame.  Or it may be time to take your existing relationship to the next level since the two of cups is often seen as a marriage card.  However it may also be that its time to focus on and find harmony within.

The most important thing when two come together is to maintain and stay true to their individualness at the same time making space for this beautiful third energy to come forward and blossom.  The energy that happens when two energies come ‘together’.  Not necessarily the becoming one but rather a becoming something that can only happen when these two energies create something beyond themselves, changing to become something even greater, a true alchemy.  Would you be willing to BE all of you and allow them to BE all of them and see what magic you can then create together?!

Here there is an equal exchange of energy and a sense of harmony.  Feeling as though you have something to share through giving AND receiving.  A giving, sharing and balancing of all emotional energy.  For me personally I have seen the beauty of intimacy and how that creates the safe space for healing some very deep old wounds.  You know what they say… the only way to heal from a broken heart is to fall in love again.  What would it take for you to allow yourself to fall in love again?!

  This may even an invitation to give up ego attachments and the need to be right so that you can tap into the essence of true joy; within and together.  How can it get any better than that?!


Beyond grateful,



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