Three of Cups

Celebration Time…come on!  Have you been feeling like you’ve been working too hard and need a vacation?  Have you been putting off hanging our with your friends because you feel as though there is too much work to be done?  Well lucky for you the 3 of Cups is a call to celebrate.  It’s time to celebrate how far you’ve come.  Celebrate all the things you have already accomplished in a very short period of time.  I mean have you noticed how you are able to accomplish in a day what takes some people a week or more to get done?  That’s something to celebrate!  Todays the day to celebrate anything you consider a success even if its just that you are one day, one task, one detail closer to your goal.  When we celebrate the little success’, like walking away before getting angry or standing up on a paddle board through your first wave, it encourages us to keep going.  Gives one the energy and space to take on another day.  However, if it’s all work and no play we forget what we are working for and can lose the energy and enthusiasm for what we are creating.

I can’t tell you how many times everything has gotten even better when I have been wiling to take a few days off, or go out with some friends, or get a massage for my sore tired body.  What if every time you did something just for you and just for fun you saw your financial abundance increase, would you choose it a little more often?  One thing I know for sure is its hard to fill up everyone else’s fuel tanks when yours are empty.  What would it take for you to celebrate you and take more time for you this week?  Would you be willing to play with it and see if your productivity and finances actually increase when you do?  Just for you just for fun?

Love Yourself You Are Amazing!

With Gratitude and Ease,


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