Four of Cups

Recently I was reminded of the fact that there is beauty and magic all around we only need to be present and aware to see it every moment of every day.  That there is really nothing “wrong” unless you’re choosing to see it that way.  It was in this space that I asked someone I care about if he was happy and he said that if he isn’t then it’s his own fault.  Meaning he gets to choose if he is happy or not.  Are you letting someone or something dictate if you are happy or not?  Are you buying the lie that something is wrong?  What would it take for you to give that up?

Usually if we are not happy it is because we have started to believe the grass is greener on the other side.  That there is some partner, or some job, some place, or even a bunch of money that will make us happier.  The Four of Cups is sometimes seen as a self sabotage card.  Are you sabotaging whats amazing in your life because you think it’s better somewhere else?  Are you taking what you have in your life for granted?  Are you taking your partner for granted?  Or are you pushing away those you love because you are afraid of getting hurt?  Have you started to believe there is another experience that will be better than what you have?  Are you playing it safe and small which has you missing the miracle of the moment?

This card reminds me of what Gary Douglas, from Access Consciousness, calls the utopian ideal.  Its a belief in the perfect person, the perfect job, the perfect situation, the perfect sex life, etc.  It’s the grass is always greener mentality.  Have you found yourself wishing for something different than what you have?  Have you started to look elsewhere for the love and affection you wish your partner was giving you?  Have you found yourself daydreaming at work about something, anything, else you could be doing instead?  Then chance are you have been caught in an illusion of what could be rather than seeing the beauty of where you are and what you already have.

Of course the belief in perfection itself sets us all up for a big fall.  Sets us up for disappointment, dissatisfaction and frustration to say the least.  Are you expecting others, yourself, or your life to be perfect?  The funny thing is that when you have an idea about how you think everything “should” be then there is no room for it to get even better.  As a matter a fact it seems that things just get worse and harder to manage the more you wish it was different.  What are you building your life and living on?  Is it a solid foundation or are you building on the sinking sand of ideals and fantasies?

What would it take for you to be grateful for all you have exactly as it is and exactly as it is not?  Did you realize that it’s only in the allowance of everything exactly as it is that everything you truly desires exists anyway?  It’s not out there somewhere, it’s right here, right Now.  How did we get so lucky?! 🙂

Love yourself, You Are Amazing!

Beyond Grateful,



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