Five of Cups

Being one of my personal life lesson cards this one never escapes my notice and every time I am encouraged to go deeper.  I believe I have talked before about those who see a glass half empty and those that see it half full.  Well the 5 of Cups is often a half empty way of seeing things and a continuation from last weeks 4 of Cups.  Last week we found ourselves asking where are we caught in fantasizing about how we wish things are rather than appreciating what we have?  The 5 of cups takes it a bit father by asking us to appreciate what we still have after loss.  Or to see what blessings came from losing something or someone we love.

See we all lose things sometimes.  We get rear ended and our car is totaled.  We lose a friendship because they don’t choose to go where we desire to go in life.  We lose a loved one to death.  We lose a job.  Etc. Etc. Etc.  The 5 of cups encourages us to realize those things are never lost.  That something beautiful and amazing is going to come of that.

For me the 5 of cups is a card of change.  Where we get to break patterns and shift energy simply by changing our perspective.  Of course we all desire for life to turn out a certain way.  But what if things will work out far greater than you ever imagined?  Would you be willing to see everything in life as a gift?  And realize how much you’ve gained from everything you thought you lost somewhere along the line?

Years ago when I was going through a divorce from a man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with, I felt grief and loss in ways I never imagined possible.  And in some of those darkest and saddest moments I remember being shown kindness and beauty was never lost.  There is always something to be grateful for.  Are you focusing on what you lost or appreciating all that you’ve gained?  The choice is always up to you!

Love yourself you are amazing!

Beyond Grateful,


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  1. Patricia says:

    If I could access some icons, I would give you a thumbs up and some clapping hands. :):):) Love your insights and energy!


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