6 of Cups

This weeks blog post took me a little longer to start because I have been contemplating this idea of giving and receiving.  The typical way we look at it is are we balancing giving and receiving with others.  Many of you reading this are those who give more than you are willing to receive.  I know this because I know you, you are like me in more ways than you know.  😉  But what would this blog be without those of you that receive it and read it?  Nothing really other than some ramblings of a woman who lives on an island somewhere in the Mid Pacific.  It is a gift to me knowing some people read it. What would it take for you to receive as much as the Universe desires to gift you?  Would you be willing to get that receiving is a gift too?

This card gives us the message to look at are you balancing giving and receiving for sure.  However today I invite you to take it a step further.  Have you ever considered that maybe it is a greater contribution to everyone to give and receive all of you to you?  In the book Benevolent Leadership I found myself reading this just the other day….

“You have to commit to you before you can lead your own life. You also have to commit to you before you can become a benevolent leader that others are inspired by. The Greek philosopher Socrates said, “To move the world we must first move ourselves.” Most of us have been trained to never consider ourselves first, because that makes us selfish. That way of thinking makes us the effect of everything, rather than being the source of everything. If you are not going to be a leader for you and for your life, whom do you do it for? Everybody else? Do you exist in that?

Would you be willing to allow you to be first and foremost in your life and stop making everybody else’s needs, wants and desires the source for creation? You want to get to the place where you go, “What could I be, do, have, create, or generate that I have never been, done, had, created, or generated as me?” What if you are the best gift that has ever landed on planet earth? Have you been that yet? Why aren’t you being it? What would it take for you to choose that?

When you choose to be a benevolent leader in your own life, you are the source and you are the catalyst that can create the reality and the future you would actually like to have. Different possibilities can exist. Anything can be different if you are willing to choose it.”    -Bowman, Chutisa; Douglas, Gary; Bowman, Steven

What if all this is also showing us that this is ultimately about being rather than doing.  We have all been taught that you do things for other people to show you care.  And it is one way but what if there was another way that actually contributes more to this world?  The gift and the possibility you truly be.  Not based on what you are ‘doing’ but rather who you are being.  And by doing so you give other people permission to be all of them.  What a gift!


“What if you being you is exactly what this world requires?”                                                              – Dr Dain Heer Being You Changing the World


Beyond grateful for the magical being you truly be,


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