Ace of Wands

Sometimes all it takes is a first step.  A spark of recognition of something greater.  A knowing that something else is possible even if you can’t see the when, where or how of it.

Now that first step could be sitting down in front of your computer or journal and writing whatever sentence comes out even if it sound like gibberish that leads to the creation of a book.  Or it could be the commitment to paint everyday, just for you, just for fun, that someday becomes the art that people desire to purchase.  Or the day you commit to moving your body every day that eventually creates better health and vitality.  Or putting some money away once a day and never spending it on anything could become the millions you have always desired in your bank account.  It’s not a quick fix, it’s not an instant, just add water sort of a thing.  It’s the first small step taken Every Day that moves us in the direction we truly desire to go.

The ace of wands is creativity at its initial spark.  It’s the idea.  The seed.  And a call to action to begin to take those first steps towards your dreams.  Todays the day to start.  Today is the day to begin the journey of a lifetime.  Tomorrow may never come so the time is now.

Have you ever heard ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’?  I would ascertain that almost all of us have heard it however how many of us have actually tried it?  And maybe the area of you life that you most desire to change is something else all together.  Maybe you desire to change your relationships and you could do that by letting them know how much you love and appreciate them Every Day.  Maybe you desire to change your health and you could change that by doing something you know makes you feel good about you and your body Every Day.  Maybe you desire to write a book and you write a poem a Every Day.  Maybe you desire to change your financial reality and you do that by putting 10% of every dollar you earn into your very own have account.  Never to spend, only to practice “having” money.  Whatever the area you desire to have a different reality it only takes doing one small step towards it Every Day and before you know it you’ll find it changed for the greater.  That you are happier and life is just easier because you do a little something for you and your dreams Every Day!  Would you be willing to begin Today?

You have the power to create a magical day Every Day!

Beyond Grateful,



Images from Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law



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