Five of Wands

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered why sometimes it feels as though you are swimming up stream?  How on earth you got yourself into such a conundrum?  Why there doesn’t seem to be any way out?

Lets say you’re in a job that you really don’t like but your doing it because you believe you need the money.  Does that lighten up you world or make you contract and withdraw?  Do you jump out of bed excited for the challenges of the day or do you feel as though you’re moving through mud?

Or you have been struggling with some health challenges or even mental/emotional challenges where there seems to be no relief or change in sight.  This can be one of the more difficult areas for a lot of us because many of us still believe that we are at the affect of out bodies and we can’t change it.  However I will say that if you want anything bad enough you can have it, even greater health and vitality.  How do I do that??!

Or let’s say you want to change your financial reality or have greater and more fulfilling and fun relationships.  Oh boy, now I’ve probably sent you into some sort of a beyond.  How on earth can all of that happen??  Would you believe that it simply is a change in perspective?  Gary Douglass from Access Consciousness says “You’re point of view creates your reality.”

Point of view?? Whats that??  In Landmark education it’s called a filter.  It’s this thing that sits on your face that you view the world from.  It’s all the decisions you’ve made, beliefs or opinions the world taught you that you bought you can not change.  If you want to know what your point of view is it’s usually the negative self talk you have in your head about your body, your lover, your work, etc.  Sure a point of view can be uplifting however most of us don’t choose those points of view.

For example have you ever been in a relationship where you thought that person hung the moon?  They were amazing and could do no wrong?  Then one day you wake up and suddenly everything annoys you.  What happened??  You’re point of view change and probably theirs did too.  Now occasionally I will say that you may have been looking at them with rose colored glasses in the beginning and wasn’t willing to see that they are actually mean.  But thats OK this tool can change that too.  What??? You mean theres a tool that can change if someone is mean or not?  No, however it can change you’re point of view about it.

I’m sure you’ve heard all about this in some form or another.  It’s not a new thing that I discovered however I have applied it to my life and living and I will say it has changed everything for me.  That tool is GRATITUDE!  And yes I mean gratitude for the challenges.  Gratitude for the hard times.  Gratitude for the people who annoy you.  And even gratitude when things are amazing as well.  Gratitude for the ups and downs, the ins and outs.

Now let’s take a little closer look at this.  Remember that person who hung the moon.  Did you realize that while you thought that, you were in some sort of gratitude for them.  Then they did something you don’t like and you started to go in to the wrongness of them.  Can you pause right now and find 3 things you are grateful to them for right now?  Different point of view huh?  Let’s take it a bit farther… what if they are someone who is actually mean to you?  I’m not saying that you stick around and let someone keep running you over.  And yet what if you could actually be grateful to them for showing you that side of themselves and say goodbye.

How about finances or a job you don’t like.  Can you find a few things every day to be grateful for?  Would that change your point of view and experience?  Hell yeah it would!

Here’s the really cool thing about gratitude… practicing being grateful for everything in your life exactly the way it is changes not only your point of view it also changes your vibration.  Which means you end up attracting more of what you do desire in your life. Does this mean you won’t ever leave a job, or have health challenges, or experience a broken heart again?  No, but it helps you realize that even those things are also contributing to you having the life and living you truly desire.  It helps us remember that the universe is still conspiring for us even if we can’t see how in this 10 seconds.

There is so much to be grateful for…would you be willing to have an attitude of gratitude every day in every situation and see how it changes your world?

I would love to hear your success stories and awareness’ that happen by you putting it in to action.  And remember for something to become a habit do it a little every day.  Would you be willing to practice a little every day for the rest of your life?  What else could truly be possible now?

Beyond Grateful!




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  1. Patricia Parret says:

    Today is a “5” day.😃

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