Six of Wands

Life is in constant motion.  Things are always moving forward even if it doesn’t seem that way.

In the five of wands there was struggle and resistance.  A desire for a different reality and no idea how to get there.  However the invitation was to practice gratitude and always keep going, don’t quit just before the finish line.  Don’t give up when things seem their lowest because I promise you they will come back up.  As one of my old teachers used to say… put your big girl boots on and keep moving!

Then with the six of wands we have victory, success, accomplishment!  Yay, yippee, yahoo!!! You have made it through!  You have reached a target!  Yes that one.. the one you have probably been working towards for a very long time.  And wow do you realize you did all that with both your arms and one leg tied behind your back?!  Thats amazing!!

Now what would be possible if you choose to be ALL of you and keep going?  Even now when you’ve moved through something major and it can be easy to say ok I did that now I can rest, take a vacation, check back out again, or crawl back in a hole and hide.  Or would you be willing to use the inspiration of accomplishment and set a new, even greater target?  How cool you could even use all your arms and legs (gifts and capacities) to go there!  Would you be willing to always know there is something greater for this world and reality and never give in, never give up and never quit?

The world needs you to BE greater than you have ever even been willing to know you are.  Would you be willing to BE that energy and contribution now?  As Dr Dain Heer so eloquently puts it… “What if you, being you, is exactly what this world requires?!”  “Would you be willing to be that now?”

If you’ve ever wondered how… there’s an awesome book called ‘Being You Changing the World’ by Dr. Dain Heer.  Every time I read it it changes things in ways I never imagined possible.  Did you know…there are Being You Events all over the world?  Next one is in Denver April 14-17, 2017.  Are you curious??? Click this link to find out more….

Beyond Grateful for the Magical Being you BE!


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