Seven of Wands

Isn’t it interesting that some days it seems so hard to get out of bed and other days you wake up with a new lease on life?  Whats the difference?  Why do some days feel as though your swimming up an icy cold category 4 rapid and other days you’re floating down a calm warm lazy river?  If you knew you could choose either one which would you choose?  Really?  That calm one?  Are you sure?  If that is the one you would choose then why aren’t you choosing it?

See most of us are taught and believe that if it’s not hard it’s not worth anything.  If it’s not a struggle it’s not valuable.  If it’s not work you aren’t growing.  If it’s not trauma and drama you aren’t living.  Need I go on?

However, what if something else really was possible?  What if some days the greatest gift you can do for yourself is to let go.  To stop trying to force something to happen and instead just trust that it will all work out in it’s own way and at just the right time.

Now of course there are times when action is required.  You can’t actually get a new job if you don’t look for one or talk to people.  Usually a book isn’t going to write itself. Sometimes you have to reach out to someone when you need help getting unstuck in your life.  That being said, would you be willing to consider there is an easier way than the hard way you’ve been doing most of your life?  For years most of us have heard the quote “If you want different results you have to be willing to do or be something different”.  Would you be willing to choose something different today?

Sure you can continue fighting whatever you’ve been fighting or you can lay down your staff and walk away.  Trusting that things will work out far greater than you even imagined possible.  Because when you try to use force and make something happen it usually doesn’t work out the way you want it to anyway.  What if the miracles and the magic are in the surrender and going with the flow?  What else would truly be possible if you chose to be courageous and let go of whatever isn’t serving you anymore today?


Beyond Grateful,


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