Eight of Wands

We have all heard “ask and ye shall receive”.  Believe it or not this is one of the natural laws of the universe and is not based solely on any one religion.  However, did you also know that writing it down can be an important missed step.  Sure we can raise our hands in the air and ask for something and things will go to work to bring it into fruition.  But sometimes, more often than not, we will “say” the opposite a few moments later.  And our team is up there going did he/she say he/she wants that or not?  No wonder they are so often confused! 😉

This writing it down does a few things.  It lets the Universe know…yes I’m having this!  It also allows us to get more clear what we really desire to have in our life.   I guess you could say writing it down gives you a reference point.  You write down what you want and include a list of what you don’t want (also very important) just so you’re really clear and then the pieces of the puzzle begin to shift and change to bring it into form.  Also it’s fun to write it down and forget about the list and come across it later only to see you manifested exactly what you asked for.

The cool thing is I have had multiple experiences of seeing this work.  Probably 17 years ago or so I heard someone say that if you want a relationship to write down all the things you want in that relationship.  And lucky me I always manifested what I wanted.  But I left out one important step because I was always wanting to focus on the positive.  I forgot to include a list of things I didn’t want too.  Now the reason this is so important is what you write down you will get.  You will get all those positive attributes you really desire and require AND you will get a bunch of things you don’t want as well unless you include them on your list.

Another time I wrote down that I wanted to live in a specific area, a nice area, and included the amenities that I wanted.  And because I was told I could have anything, I asked for rent to be $400 or less.  Now the truth is I only wanted to pay $200 a month however the $400 was a compromise because I couldn’t imagine “how” I could create that.  I wrote it down and forgot about the list.   Months later I was living with my new boyfriend and some roommates in that area and I came across the list.  OMG I had created exactly what I asked for!  Even my rent was only $200 a month!  Now there were somethings that I didn’t want that I forgot to include on my list so I got those too.  That being said I still lived there happily for years.

The eight of wands are the rockets of desire.  All that you really want in your life is possible and available to you if you would only ask for it AND be willing to receive it!

What do you really want your life and living to look like in 5, 10, 500 years?  What don’t you want?  Would you be willing to ask for anything if you knew anything is possible?  Would you be willing to write down the things you want and the things you don’t want in all areas; Love, Money, Sex, Relationships, Body, Health, Work, Play etc.?  Hmmm I wonder what else we could choose and create that we haven’t even considered?

With Gratitude for the Magical Being you Truly Be,


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