“Thank you Venus for shining a light on my path and illuminating my blind spots with such grace, support and understanding. Your ability to see, sense and guide in such a heartfelt manner is truly a gift that I feel blessed to have experienced.”   ~Tina Elkowich

“Venus has made a huge difference for me in my life and I am no longer afraid to see and pursue my divinity, beauty and talents!”
~ Stacy Euler

“Working with Venus has shifted every aspect of my life. Her skill and use of various modalities not only enabled me to regain my personal power, but allowed me to step into it and create a life filled with abundance, peace and love. Thank you Venus for your compassionate and healing presence in my life.”
~Brandi Nelson

“Venus’ loving, reassuring presence along with her knowledge and intuition made our healing sessions powerful moments in time for me!”
~Lencsi Angel

“Venus helps you get in touch with yourself mentaly and physically. She can see into your soul and help you also see who you are and can be.”

“Venus gently guided me on my journey within to healing my life and finding joy again”

“It is amazing how much Venus can tell what is going on with my body and mind during my massage sessions. She always surprises me with how right on target she is. I follow her suggestions and am right back on track in no time.”                    ~Debbi Serki

“While doing yummy body-work for me, Venus helped me figure out why I have chronic holding patterns in my back and neck. Through her hands and her simple questions she provided me with profound insight into the source of my pain. Her insight has helped me to learn to recognize my own patterns so I can understand them and begin to break them free.”
~Erin Philips

“Venus is a rare find in the world of service providers for our health, body, and wellness. She started providing with me with body work over 5 years ago. I felt that her blend of energy work, massage, and psychic abilities made her more a healer than a practitioner. Now that she has expanded her specialties in the areas of homeopathy, I feel that Venus will have a large pool of knowledge to choose the best remedies for my whole body & life. It is as if she has combined the power of mystic with magic in her healing arts – a rare and powerful combination to have in one wellness provider.”

“With her calming assured presence and her skillful knowledge, Venus Castleberg is one of the finest bodyworkers I have ever had the privilege of working with. Over months of weekly sessions of bodywork, talking and journaling, I found unspoken pieces that came to the surface needing a larger voice about events, experiences and feelings of the past that opened my body as well as my heart to receiving and giving more of my gifts than ever before.”
~ Nanci Hartland

“Through a combination of intuitive work and massage, Venus helped me let go of tension and stress that was causing injury. After sessions with Venus, I left feeling light, balanced, and re-energized. Venus is welcoming, supportive, insightful and wise.”
~ Dana Kelly

“Just met with my close friend in Florida after one year. She kept looking at me a finally asked. Have you had some injections on your face? No, a face lift with Venus.”
~Mary Anne